About Christian Munk1

Christian Munk (born 1991) is a master in lin­guistics from Uni­versity of Copen­hagen and a self-taught typographer, who has just returned to Copenhagen after living in Oxford for two years working for Oxford Uni­versity Press.

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What have I contributed to?

🎶 I sing tenor in Tritonus

🎵 I used to sing tenor in the acapella group The Beatroots

🔤 I appear in Luc Devroye's archive of typographers

📕 One of my fonts has been used in a book


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Feel free to write to me, if you have any questions about the contents of this website or about language or typography in general. You can reach me on the following address:

hi [at] christianmunk [dot] dk

  1. This page is about the linguist Christian Munk. For other people with the same name, see Christian Munk (disambiguation)